So long Marianne (Cesco, Godoi, Caito, Batata)


Verso 1:
     A                               Bm
Come over to the window,  my little darling
D                              A
I'd like to try to read your palm
G                                    D
I used to think I was some sort of gypsy boy
F#m                         E   Esus4 E E7
   before I let you take me home

    A                 F#m
Now so long, Marianne,    It's time that we began
    E   Esus4     E  E7     E Esus4       E      E7     A        Asus4
to laugh      and cry   and cry      and laugh about it all again

Verso 2:
          A                  Bm
Well you know that I love to live with you
D                                A
 but you make me forget so very much
G                          D
 I forget to pray for the angels
             F#m                       E  sus4 E E7
and then the angels forget to pray for us


Verso 3:
    A               Bm
We met when we were almost young
D                         A
 deep in the green lilac park
G                                D
 You held on to me like I was a crucifix
F#m                                 E   Esus4 E E7
   as we went kneeling through the dark


Verso 4:
      A                                 Bm
Your letters they all say that you're beside me now
D                        A
 then why do I feel so alone
G                                 D
 I'm standing on a ledge and your fine spider web
    F#m                      E  Esus4 E E7
is fastening my ankle to a stone


Verso 5:
     A              Bm
For now I need your hidden love
D                         A
 I'm cold as a new razor blade
G                                D
 You left when I told you I was curious
F#m                         E   Esus4 E E7
   I never said that I was brave


Verso 6:
     A                     Bm
Oh, you are really such a pretty one
D                                   A
 I see you've gone and changed your name again
G                              D
 And just when I climbed this whole mountainside
    F#m                     E  Esus4 E E7
to wash my eyelids in the rain


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