Músicas internacionais


  1. Across the universe
  2. A day in the life  ( Beatles )
  3. All together now   (Beatles)
  4. Basket case            (Greenday)
  5. Blowing in the wind      (Bob Dylan)
  6. Born to Be Wild   (Steppen wolf)
  7. Buckets of rain   (Bob Dylan)
  8. Daughters    (John Mayer)
  9. Dani California   (Red hot chilly peppers)
  10. Don’t let me down     (Beatles)
  11. Don’t look back in anger     (Oasis)
  12. Don´t know why I didn´t come       (Norah Jones)
  13. Don´t let me down
  14. Don’t think twice it’s all right   (Bob Dylan)
  15. Don´t worry,be happy ( Bobby mc Ferrin
  16. Down Under       (man at work)
  17. Dreamer     ( Ozzy Osbourne)
  18. Father and Son        ( Cat Stevens)
  19. Feeling Good (Nina Simoni)
  20. Fly me to the moon    ( Frank Sinatra)
  21. For what it´s worth   (Buffalo Springfield
  22. Girl put your records on(Corinne B. Rae)
  23. Give me love           (George Harrison)
  24. Golden Slumbers    (Beatles)
  25. Good riddance – Time of your life  (greenday)
  26. Hallelujah    (Leonard Cohen)
  27. Hallelujah 2 versão  (Leonard Cohen)
  28. Heartbreak warfare    ( John Mayer)
  29. Heart of the country   ( Paul Mc Cartney)
  30. Hey joe     (Jimmy Hendrix) versão com o porco 
  31. Hey joe     (Jimmy Hendrix )
  32. Hey soul sister   (Train)
  33. Hey soul sister versão com joana
  34. Highway to hell  (AcDc)
  35. Honey Pie      (Beatles)
  36. Hotel California     (Eagles)
  37. How far I´ll go
  38. I’m yours    (Jason Mraz)
  39. Imagine         (John Lennon)
  40. In between days  (the cure)
  41. In my life    (Beatles)
  42. It´s too late    (Johnny Rivers)
  43. I’ve just seen a face       ( Beatles)
  44. Jamming         ( Bob Marley)
  45. Jersey Girl      (Tom Waits)
  46. London London    (Caetano Veloso)
  47. Lonesome town        (Paul mc Cartney)
  48. Lazy song     (Bruno Mars)
  49. Let it Be releitura em versão jazz ( Beatles)
  50. Let´s call the whole thing off
  51. Live while we´re young     (One Direction)
  52. Love me two times     (Doors)
  53. Lucky Man      (Emerson Lake & Palmer)
  54. Man on fire (Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros)
  55. My girl            (Temptations – Rolling Stones)
  56. Mother nature`s son       (Beatles)
  57. No woman no cry (Bob Marley)
  58. Ordinary love     (U2)
  59. Otherside  ( Red hot chilly peppers )
  60. Paranoid   ( Black Sabbath )
  61. Price Tag     (Jessie J.)
  62. Purple Haze    (Jimmy Hendrix)
  63. Push     (Matchbox 20)
  64. Ram on ( Paul Mc Cartney)
  65. Raindrops keep falling on my head   (B.J. Thomas)
  66. Riders on the storm     ( Doors)
  67. Rise      (Eddie Vedder)
  68. Rock and roll all night  com o Caio   (Kiss)
  69. Rock and roll all night com o otto (kiss)
  70. Should I stay or should I go        (The Clash)
  71. So Long Marianne      (Leonard Cohen)
  72. So long Marianne   (versão jam)
  73. Someone like you    (Adele)
  74. Something                     (Beatles)
  75. Something versão para ukelele   ( Beatles)
  76. Somewhere over the rainbow   (Israel Kamakawiwo’ole)
  77. Soul to squeeze (Red hot chilly peppers)
  78. Stand by me     (John Lennon)
  79. Stand by me no aulão
  80. Stay     (Rihanna)
  81. Stereo Hearts     (Maroon Five)
  82. Strawberry fields forever     (Beatles)
  83. Streets of London (Ralph McTell)
  84. Streets of Philadelphia  (Bruce Springsteen)
  85. Stuck on you    (Lionel Ritchie)
  86. Sunday Boody Sunday     (U2)
  87. The boxer     (Simon & Garfunkel ) violão e ukulele 
  88. The one that got away      (Katy Perry)
  89. The time      (Dirty Beat)
  90. Time of your life     (Greenday)
  91. Thinking out Loud      (Ed Sheeran)
  92. Typical situation     (Dave Matthews)
  93. Upside down   (Jack Johnson)
  94. Valerie   ( Amy Winehouse )
  95. Viva la vida     (Coldplay)
  96. Wish you were here        ( Pink Floyd )
  97. With a little help from my friends   (Beatles)
  98. When I´m gone
  99. When you say nothing at all (Ronan Keating )
  100. Wicker chair (Kings of Leon)
  101. Wonderful tonight ( Eric Clapton )
  102. Wonderwall        (Oasis)
  103. Wonderwall   ( versão 2)
  104. You are always on my mind    (Willie Nelson)
  105. You and I



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